How to experience fall in New England

I had heard that the fall foliage was gorgeous in New England. But, what does that really mean? I’m from Washington and the leaves are pretty there too. So far, so amazing! It truly is a sight that shouldn’t be missed. And we aren’t even at the peak yet!

I basically woke up this morning and ran outside. The day is sunny and gorgeous. It’s in the 70s and if I could find a place that had this weather all year, I would certainly move there. But, the seasons are what I need. These changes are times of renewal. The leaves got so green in the summer and everything was overgrown. It was hot and humid. Now, the temperatures have cooled and we are getting bright hues of yellow, orange and red, just peeking out of the green. I know we will lose these leaves and winter will be coming, but I’m excited about that too.

So, today, I walked on the Charles River trail outside my house in Waltham, MA. It’s familiar because I walk it all the time. But, today, it is special. I’m anxiously awaiting the trips we are going to take (starting this weekend!) But, I did take moments to stop and breathe and take it all in. Nature has such a profound affect on my psyche. Fall has really only just begun!

Keep walking into the leaves!


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