Getting Back to It!

How to get back on track…

Well, I have written in way too long. I know that part of the problem is that this blog is about walking, learning, seeing and doing — right now. But, at the moment, my walks aren’t as meaningful, due to some issues in my life I’ve had to deal with. So, in the spirit of doing what I set out to do, WRITE about my experiences, this is what I’m doing to get back on track…

How to refresh your mind:

  • Renew the Commitment: I’m going to commit to writing, no matter what! No matter how hard I have to reach or how tough it is, I’m going to get ideas on paper.
  • Find Inspiration: I’m going to find my inspiration again by doing the things I love.
  • Go Back in Time: I’m going to go back in time and write about some of the things that are so worthy of writing about, but I never took the time to do it.
  • Love Yourself: I may have disappointed myself, but I’m human. I need to let it go and love myself to find my voice again.


I spent a whole lot of time living in and loving Hawaii. Get ready, you’re going with me on the trip of your life! Finding aloha again! It may not have happened yesterday, but it has only been a few months and it’s heaven. See you in the plumeria garden!

Keep walking!


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