Walking Fore Fun… at the U.S. Senior Open


Yesterday, it was more than 6 miles at the U.S. Senior Open. I can only imagine how far a professional golfer walks in a lifetime! Watching these guys play is amazing. OLD GUYS RULE! Apparently, Kirk Triplett won the day with a 62, eight under par. He even had an eagle on the 4th hole! That is amazing and I wish I had been there to witness that one. There’s no way to see everything when you watch live… We actually came to see John Daly (We love watching him!) but he had to pull out the day before due to a shoulder injury. So, we had to decide who to watch… We paid the most attention to Couples, Jimenez, Watson and Faldo.

The course was absolutely gorgeous. It was played at Salem Country Club in Peabody, MA. Apparently, they did a huge renovation of the course to prepare to host. And, you could tell. It was in a wooded area, almost like it was cut out of the forest, and it looked so serene.

We were surprised that more people weren’t there. Hopefully, that will change for the final three days. There are things I would do differently if I was running it… like better marketing, improved food, etc. But, they really are relying on a lot of volunteers. So, overall it was well-done.

Somehow, I’m very into sports. I always laugh and say that I was my dad’s boy because he only had my sister and me. But, although she may not be as hardcore as I can get, my sister is also a sports fan. So, if you like sports, golf is a fun event to see and, heck, you get your walking in for sure! You don’t need to be a golfer to join in. But, girls, make sure you have a very small purse (6×6 max) and dress to be in the sun all day. Some people were wearing heels. Don’t be that girl. Think about walking on grass in heels all day… Enough said!

Keep walking!


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