The Charles

The Charles River trail is one of the best places to walk! It’s a piece of beautiful restored nature in the middle of the city. I start where I live in Waltham and I’m able to get to the trail very quickly. Some say it’s boring to walk the same trail all the time. I totally disagree. The trail is never the same — you see different things every single time you walk it. A trail that you know also has huge advantages — you know how far you’ve gone and you figure out what’s around if you need anything. It’s easy to get off the trail on the Charles, to do whatever you want. The other thing I really like is the surface. When you walk every day, you just can’t do pavement 100% of the time. The Charles is also safe because there are plenty of other people walking, running and biking. I always appreciate whoever I see — they are out in nature getting exercise. It’s my tribe!

Today, I saw a bunny on the trail. The first time I saw one, it freaked me out. We sure didn’t have them in Hawaii and I didn’t see them when living in Washington or Oregon. The only place I saw bunnies all over was in New Zealand. It only scared me because I was so surprised. They usually just hop in the grass by the trail and stay far away from me, but today this bunny let me get really close. I didn’t magnify the photo at all. Later, at the bar (yes, of course I go to the bar!) I was telling a friend that I couldn’t believe the bunnies on the trail. He grew up in the area and said that he never remembered seeing them as a kid, but definitely started to see a lot more about 5 years ago or so. They aren’t taking over in the areas I see them (unlike the geese!) but it’s easy to spot them on the trail. I’m new to this part of the world, so I don’t have an opinion on them yet…

I know the Charles meanders all the way to Boston. I haven’t gone that far yet (that’s a long walk one way, so I’d need to Uber back.) For now, I try to go a little farther every time I walk the trail. Just increasing your typical walk a little bit each time makes a difference. Soon, you are adding miles to your walk. I use a FitBit and when it vibrates for my 10,000 steps, I’m super happy. There’s that little celebration that goes on in your head (or sometimes out loud when I have a walking partner) and you want to start happy dancing. I hope you all feel the same way. Make sure you thank yourself for making exercise a priority!

Keep walking!




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