Beginning the College Tour at Bentley

BentleyI absolutely LOVE visiting college campuses. They are a perfect place to walk trails, hills, stairs… Yesterday, I visited Bentley University. It was established in 1917, so they had signs all over about the 100 years of Bentley. They also had a brilliant marketing campaign. I went into the cafe to get a water and attached to all of the napkin holders were small signs that announced “100 things” to love about Bentley. 100 years of history is a big deal and I was happy to see that Bentley was celebrating!

The campus was really alive (being it was a summer evening.) They had admissions events going on and the basketball courts were being used for some kind of camp. I was also very impressed when I looked at the website from my cell phone — it’s a respected business school!

The campus was gorgeous and they were in the middle of construction, which is a very good sign for the future of the university. If you are in Waltham, MA, I would definitely recommend walking Bentley. And, I will be telling kids I know in other states to take a look because Bentley just may be exactly what they are looking for.

I’d love to hear about the campuses you have walked. It is worth researching and getting out there to take a stroll.

Keep walking!


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