Beginnings… The Summer Solstice

Amazing that my first post is on the longest day of the year. Often a day of change and renewal, it’s a great day to get out and walk. Just knowing that you have the most time you’ll have all year feels fantastic. Many people got out to see the sunrise and, although I didn’t do that, I wasn’t in a rush today. I stopped to “smell the roses.”

We can make every day feel like the longest day of the year. Build in these five tactics to make every day longer:

  1. Get up with the sun… Experiment with keeping your windows uncovered when you go to bed, so you can actually feel the sun when it rises. Let that warm, bright feeling propel you into the day.
  2. Move in the morning… Forget the coffee. Try to get out of the house and move as a new ritual. As you walk, you’ll gain more energy. You’ll feel amazing and will also gain some spunk for everything you have to do during the day.
  3. Take breaks during the day and feel the sun… Whatever you’re doing, take a 5 minute break to go outside, close your eyes and look up at the sun. Feel the warmth on your face. Focus on your breath and bask in the sun. Try to let your stress fall away and prepare to go back to your life feeling relaxed and renewed.
  4. Eat light… Eat nourishing foods that are light and healthy. Think fruits, veggies, fish. These foods will prevent you from feeling full and keep you light on your feet.
  5. Walk more than you normally would… Take an evening stroll and move longer than  you usually do. Take a new route or explore further than you normally do. When you finally go inside for the night, feel good about the dark. You may enjoy the light, but the stars shine in the night to show you the way.

Keep walking!


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